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EAGLE Specialty Products, Inc. ESP service Part# 12080.

These rod bolts were originally installed in a set of Eagle 6.80” ESP H-beam steel rods; P/N #CRS68003D .

These bolts are ARP 190,000 psi rated, ARP 8740 chromoly steel, 7/16” thread and bolt diameter, 1.750 length, 12-point nut, cap screws.

These bolts were installed into the rods, but have NEVER BEEN RAN.

The reason they were removed was the build customer wanted to change these bolts out for L-19 ARP bolts.

These bolts run new: $105. Will sell for: $50 including shipping (within 48 states).
I will ship bolts out of mid-Michigan, zipcode 48888.

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