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Here's my story. 1989 F-Superduty 460 EFI 5 speed manual. Only has 64000 miles, I bought it new. It sits a lot.
Took it out for an errand and longish drive. Running fine, however noticed on hot restart, had to open the throttle body and crank longer like it was flooded. Sit overnight and it would start right up like normal. Check plugs and they were gassy. Fuel pressure did not hold long after shut down. Figured leaky injectors.

Replaced injectors with new 4 hole Standards. Changed plugs, wires, cap and rotor at the same time Now it doesn' t run worth a crap. Starts and idles for a few seconds and dies, Only revs up if you pump the throttle and then revs up and dies. Have a code 33. Won't run long enough to check running codes. Have checked and double checked the wires and firing order.

I have replaced the fuel pressure regulator, it was leaking fuel into the vacuum system. I checked the EGR valve, functions perfectly with hand vacuum pump. Replaced the EGR solenoid. Have checked all the vacuum lines and there are no breaks or leaks. Fuel pressure is fine now, and the pressure does not drop when the engine dies.

Any ideas? I am completely confused.

Would a plugged up convertor do this. I did notice the little bit I did run it the exhaust out the tail pipes seemed very hot quickly. Plugs don't look lean though. Seriously at my wits end with this.
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