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I have a class C camper based on a 1996 E superduty Econoline van. I want to remove the intake "trumpet" restrictors but unlike the F series this doesn't seem possible without removing the cold air intake. I couldn't find any aftermarket solutions.

This vehicle runs strong and only has 15000 original miles however at high speed when trying to climb Hills the transmission will downshift and the engine races but continues to lose speed. I've confirmed this is the air intake restriction causing the problem because if I remove it the vehicle will accelerate up to Hills instead of decelerate. The problem is the only solution I have come up with results and breathing hot air under the hood. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to deal with this?

For those familiar with the F series intake horns that most people cut off, it's not so easy on the E-Series because they are molded into the air snorkel. I will try to attach a photo.

Without this piece the engine will rev High Enough to get up these inclines. However this means air intake temperature is significantly higher.

I also tried removing the factory air box and using two 3 in pipes with universal air filters and this increase the performance even more however once again I'm sucking in a lot of hot air under that hood. There doesn't appear to be any way to run the air intake into the fender well area because there are batteries on both sides and there is no route I can see to get air from the grill area.

Maybe if I had some aluminum tube and a MIG welder I could figure something out but what I'm looking for is a simple modification to correct this horrible design.

The vehicle is equipped with the 460 EFI non catalyst 7.5 l gasoline engine. It also appears to have an air pump with two rubber hoses leading up to the air intake box. How difficult is it to remove the air pump? And what will happen if I leave these air pump hoses disconnected?

I've also looked into Engine Tuning options but can't find much on this system. It does have OBD2 however this is the first year for OBD2 and the last year this engine was used in the Econoline body. I'm guessing it is not common enough for the aftermarket to make a solution.

I've already confirmed the power is there I just can't think of a reasonable way to get it short of cutting air intake holes through the hood. Any suggestions?


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