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I have built a collection of parts over the years that I would like to sell.

I have pictures of all the items and can give more information if asked. Pictures will have to be given over an e-mail address.

Edelbrock Peroformer RPM #EDL-7166 Excellent condition, asking 150.00 plus 15.00 dollars shipping.

Edelbrock Q-Jet 850 #1910 This was only used to break in my motor, it is brand new with the direction booklet and gasket. Asking 400.00 plus 10.00 dollars shipping.

Holley Projection 4DI Throttle Body Injection Kit #504-22 This kit is universal to change any carb vehicle to fuel injection. This unit is the 700 cfm unit up to 400 horsepower, it has all parts including the tuning catalog and 3.5 inch flopy disks to load the program. You may have to run something like windows xp for it. Asking 600.00 plus 15.00 dollars shipping.

Aeromotive Fuel Pump Controler #AEI-16306 This controller slows down big pumps to prevent fuel heating and circulation. It has the directions but not the supplied wires and connectors anymore because I used them in the installation initially. You will have to buy some wire and butt connectors. Asking 250.00 plus 5.00 dollars shipping.

Let me know what your interested in and I will reply, Thanks
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