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Edelbrock Vs Holley NOS Nitrous Kits?

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Its Between the Edelbrock Performer Rpm Nitrous Kit and NOS super Power Shot. The NOS kit is about $1oo bucks less. Is the edelbrok kiyt worth the extra bones? It goes up to 250 hp But my max is going to be 15ohp. Seems like both kits will work ,but I do like the Edelbrock cosmeticaly. Dont know if like $100 more.
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i bought the rpm kit about 2.5 years ago but i still havent used it yet. (my project still isnt done) :( but i have heard it is a good kit, and have seen a few people use them every weekend with no problems. but then again n2o is always a little picky.
The edelbrock solenoids are more durable and will last longer. Also the edelbrock jets are made out of stainless steel which I like better as well.
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