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Electric water pump

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Hey guys,

I'm looking to put an electric water pump on my 460. What brands are the best? Which ones have you guys used? and how do you bolt up your power steering pump while running one of these?

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I've been running a CSR water pump for a few years now, works great. Use a shorter belt for the power steering, thats all I had to do.
What the Hell is power-steering?
Do yourself a favor, under no circumstances EVER buy a pro comp deal. I've had a couple CSR and decided I couldn't afford one for my small block, that was a moment of stupidity I regret every day. First, the backing plate was wrong, didn't line up at all for my 351W and had extra bolt holes to boot, only thing that saved me was I know a guy that owns a laser cutting shop so he could correct it by cutting me a new backing plate. Still cost me $30 though, after I got it mounted found out the pump housing ends leaked, so I had to put that in the mill and deck them straight, and now the pump itself is leaking where the pump motor seals up to the main part of the housing.
How I wish I would have just paid the extra $125 and bought the CSR or Mezeire to begin with.
What the Hell is power-steering?
Once again - power steering is for us slower guys that have the front tires on the ground for the entire run, you on the other hand use the front tires more like an air rudder HAHA
Power steering makes it too easy to over-steer.
Critters.. do you still use the power steering gear box, but just don't run a power steering pump, or do you have some cool manual rack and pinion deal?
CSR although I'm not happy with the way it fit(holes in the backing plate didn't line up with the holes in the block, had to oblong the holes to get all the bolts in) I am happy with its performance, have been using it on my mud drag truck for 2 seasons with no problems

I have a MOROSO it bolted right up and works great! Although you want to ditch the thermostat and just put in a washer the washer I am using has a 3/4" hole.

Critters try driving one with 2:1 quick steer and not over correcting :D It took some getting used to!

For many years I ran a Moroso electric drive kit on my 460 for the bogs. Since I started having issues recently over heating, throwing belts and electric motor locking up, etc from the mud I decided to install a Meziere electric pump. Ran a bunch of passes last weekend at a hill and hole pit with no problems. Replaced the thermostat with a 1" restrictor and threw in a bottle of water wetter and temps with back to back passes didn't exceed 190 deg with the fan off. Pump is very quite and install was simple. Had to cut the mounting bolts that came with the pump since they were too long and instead of modifing my power steering bracket, I took it off and jumped the lines to see if it would handle okay without PS. Actually, the PS was whipping the wheel out of my hand coming out the other end of the pit before and didn't notice that problem with the manual steering. I was leaning towards a CSR pump and believe either the CSR or Meziere are great pumps from reading comments on here in the past from others that ran both. Money well spent!
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