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I am getting ready to put my engine together. I will be mud racing with my 460 (bored 40 over). I am looking for break in suggestions before I do my first race. Here is my engine info:

block is a dive-6015-a2b (block was virgin, bored 40 over).
heads d0ve-c (heads were slightly used, shop went through and replaced 2 valves)
stainless 2.250 intake valves
1.745 exhaust valves
heads have been surfaced when valves were ported
cam: comp cam 34-235-4 with .514 intake and .524 exhaust valve lift.

the machine shop suggested a hyper piston that gets me in the 11:1 compression range. Teamed up with forged h beam rods.

here is my summit list:

Camshaft, Hydraulic Flat Tappet, Advertised Duration 262/270, Lift .514/.524, Ford, 429, 460, Each
(Mfr. #: 34-235-4)

Lifters, Hydraulic Flat Tappet, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Set of 16
(Mfr. #: 832-16)

Gear Drive, Noisy, Dual Idler, Ford, 429, 460, 1-Bolt, Kit
(Mfr. #: SUM-G6712)

Spark Plug, Racing, Copper Core, Tapered Seat, 14mm Thread, 0.460 in. Reach, Each
(Mfr. #: AR13)

Motor Oil, Race Only, Break-In, Mineral, 30W, One qt., Each
(Mfr. #: 10630-1

was planning on using the lucas break in engine oil. how do you suggest going about this. we will be forced to break the engine in, inside the truck, as we dont have access to a dyno.

thank you

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Should be a solid mild build. I usually get er running and set it around 1k-1200 rpms and run it for 15-20 minutes to check for leaks and make sure there's no no funny noises. Then after a brief cool down session start er back up set idle at around 2k rpms for 30 min. That'll get ya in the ballpark for cam break in. Take it easy running for the first tank or 2 of fuel then ya should be good to romp on it.
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