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FE / 385

FE's are a separate family of engines (352, 360, 390, 427, 428, etc.), 385 series is a completely different design (370, 429, 460).

All FE's have the intake under the valve cover, 385 series do not.

By the way even if the block has "460" on the right front bank(?), it has nothing to do with what is inside, 429's used the same blocks.

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Harolee said:
Where can I get information on how to determine if I'm looking at a 429 engine or a 460 engine?

One way is to flip the motor over and unbutton the pan. One of the crankshaft countrerweights has alphanumeric markings stamped on it's edge, and these markings identify whether it's a 429 or 460 crankshaft.

429 = 4U, 4UA or 4UAB

460 = 2Y, 2YA, 2YAB or 2YABC....or 3Y.

Also, for quick identification of the crankshaft, you may look for the nodule or embossment between the first main journal and counterweight. The 460 is embossed there, while the 429 is not:



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