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Ok.. so the 460 swap begins this weekend in my Cougar. I've got a few questions, that have bothered me since I last did a 460 swap in my Elite a few years ago.

1. Gas tank vent line.. My car has a vented gas tank, with a line running up the passenger side of the frame. It currently has the little charcoal tank and all. Emissions isn't an issue with this car. I know the theory of that charcoal is to save fuel vapors.. wouldn't that save fuel? In my Elite, I just yanked the whole thing, and left the gas line vent tube open in the engine bay.. Should I do the same? cap it? What do I do with the line?
2. Choke. I know "12v+ with key". So, um.. under the hood.. where? Only wire I found is a power wire for the wipers, and even that has acc power too. Can I use one of the Duraspark power wires?

3. Were there any Fords available with an 'idiot light' temp sender switch? I need something that'll fit into the ford ports on the intake manifold.

4. More to come.
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