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Engine value opinions pls

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Hello all!

I am new here but a regular at fordification.com. I am currently in the market for a 460 for my 67 f250 and need some opinions. I am currently looking at a craigslist ad http://austin.craigslist.org/pts/1823487149.html and need some expert opinions on if it is a fair deal. The seller wants $1800 for the whole package. It still needs some parts to finish but I am mostly concerned with he asking price for the heads. Is this something I should go look at or pass up?

My goals for the truck is 300 rwhp, so I should need just under 400 bhp if I planned correctly allowing for some margin of error.

Thanks all in advance for your expert opinons! Bill
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I'd go look and then buy all of it. Take a caliper with you and make sure you look closely at the heads, if they are what he says, itsa pretty good buy. imo. :)
Thanks for the reply! Its good to hear that it sounds to be a pretty good deal. I have plans to go look at it this weekend. If I like what I see I will pick it up and you all will see more of me around here.

From what I have been told the heads have 1.75 exhaust and 2.25 intak valves. The intake port tubes are untouched. imo it seems that the heads will be more then enough for my purposes. But it has been expressed to me that the valve sizes on otherwise stock DOVE heads will do little for the overall performance of the engine. Since all the parts are new, it sounds like a good deal, but I want to be sure.

thanks again! Bill
I believe that just adding larger valves does little and if i'm wrong someone will correct me.:) I would go to Scotty J's site pay the $30.00 and port them myself if not already done. Heres the link http://reincarnation-automotive.com/ .
Well, I went and picked it up yesterday. It looks good and I can't wait to get wrenching on it. Looks like you all will be seeing more of me around the boards.
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