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ET Predictions? Ram Air,Slicks,Sythetic Oil,Instant Center Mod

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Been stuck at 11.6- 11.8 seconds with My 466 powered 72 Torino
In the near future I am installing Nitrous and a Roll Bar/ For now I am looking to bump past the 11.5 barrier. Until now i have just done minor tuning without any success. The Engine dyno # at 452 RWHP and 456 tq. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMuUTG_mzDc/

The Changes . Switching From Hossier QTPs and VW metrics to M/T Drag ETs and Front ETs
Metco aluminum LCAs and ICM bracket http://www.metcomotorsports.com/proddetail.asp?prod=MCA0010
Switching From generic 20w50 to Royal Purple synthetic oil.
Going to try out a dual inlet ram air on sale at Jegs '
Here is a good article From Ford Muscle on another Ram Air test http://www.fordmuscle.com/archives/1999/12/ramairbox/

What do u guys think might be gained from these changes. If I could pick up a couple tenths and a 2-5 MPH from my previous best a I would be happy. Rich
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I have the Ram-Air box you see in the Ford Muscle article, it's very well constucted and offers numerous size options as well as base plates heights.

Looking forward to hearing your results.
I would think that the ram air will help a bunch. My '72 has had a Stealth on it and the carb was very close to the hood. Opening the scoop isn't gonna help. It is too short to do much if anything at all.
I like that intake setup! I actually just got my "728" on ebay for like $30~ brand new.

if you want to save a few bucks, here is one for $60 shipped. http://compare.ebay.com/like/230509...fee30af&itemid=230509884450&ff4=263602_263632

I bought the same thing but mine was cheaper. Took me about 2 minutes with some chrome polish to remove the "scratches" on mine! Using it on my '87 Mustang, routing the intake tubes to the fog light holes.
Never thought about looking for a cheaper deal, Dont have a ton of time to shop Driving a Truck OTR. I wanted to get something I know would be there when i get home , Got one day to mount tires ,install LCAs and ICM brackets ,Change oil and install the Ram Air before I race. I will p[ost my results.
Thanks for that Ebay Link, I just canceled the Jegs Order anddid that BIN . Saved me $4o !!
I was Going to Paint the Airbox Anway!!
Got all my parts in and will be T-N-T tonight!!!!!

I want to post up some good times ,but Gonna have to keep a low profile if this thing performs up to its potential.. I will post times later.
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