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Okay guys,
This is the last set of misc parts I have. As the 2 listings before, buyer pays shipping and handling. I live in Michigan, 48843 area code. You guys rock! Dave

1. 351C Motor and Frame mounts for 1970 Mercury Cougar. I don't know what other cars these will fit. $50

2. 351C Balancer

3. 351C C6 Transmission. Has B&M shift/tranny kit in it. It only has about 5,000 street miles on tranny before motor blew. It always leaked just a little bit of fluid, and I couldn't tell if it was the pan or the solonoid, so the two gaskets need to be replaced, but that's a quick fix. It's a great tranny, shifted hard. Comes with stock torque convertor. $175.

4. 460 C6 Torque convertor. I never used it, just bought a TCI instead. Don't know stall. I'm sure it would make a good doorstop or something. Maybe something to weld onto a barstool, or my favorite, just to keep around to annoy the wife. $5

Thanks for the space Chilly, I really appreciate it. You guys rock! Dave
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