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Hey guys, I ran across a killer deal on a different bottom end for my truck so Im gonna try to get rid of mine. There is nothing wrong with it what-so-ever. It just came off the dyno last month and made 715hp/604 ft lbs. Just add your heads, intake, carb, distributor, and go racing. Here is a list of the parts:

Block: D2AE block that is half filled with Hard-Blok and zero decked (pistons are actually about 0.006-0.007 out of the hole.).

Pistons: Diamond Racing forged mirrored dished w/Perfect Circle File Fit plasma-moly rings that yield 11.5:1 compression. (Pistons are custom made from Diamond and have a 1.190 compression height and a 17cc dish)

Crank: Scat 4" 9000 series

Connecting Rods: 6.0" Scat forged I-beam with 7/16" ARP bolts and the whole rotating assembly was fully balanced.

Balancer: Romac SFI approved.

Flexplate: B&M

Timing Chain: Rollmaster timing set with nitrided gears and torrington bearing on upper sprocket.

Camshaft: Custom Dave Storlien (Porting Dynamics) solid roller: 257/263 @ 0.050, 0.747/0.748 lift.

Lifters: Comp Cams Endure-X Solid Roller lifters.

Water Pump: Edelbrock Victor Series.

Have 2 Melling oil pumps for it. One is a high volume that has been shimmed to about 75-80 pounds measured at the rear of the block. Also, have a stock volume that will have a high pressure spring in it. That one is brand new.

ARP oil pump drive shaft too.

There is also an MPG head service windage tray/crank scraper in it.

ARP main studs It was line honed last winter. I have all the receipts for that machine work.

Milodon rear sump 9 qt pan with pickup is also included.

All the necessary oiling mods have been to done to ensure proper oiling.

Clevite H series main bearings and P series rod bearings

(Rings and bearings have less than 300 miles on them since they were put in last winter)

Did a leak down test this last fall and all the cylinders are 2-4% leakdown

The CHI 3v 4150 intake will be available to the buyer if they want it. The intake has been ceramic coated on the outside and the underside, it stays very cool.

Oh yeah, will also included the 0.041 Cometic head gaskets that were just put on a month ago.

I'd like to get $2000 for the short block plus $350 for the intake. Intake will be available after the block is sold and if the buyer doesnt want it.

Here are all the clearances:
Cam bearing clearance
#1 0.0042"
#2 0.0027"
#3 0.0041"
#4 0.0038"
#5 0.0028"

Piston skirt clearance is 0.006" across the board
Top rings are 0.020"-0.021"
Second rings are 0.024"-0.025"

Rod bearing clearance is:
#1 0.0022"
#2 0.0022"
#3 0.0020"
#4 0.0022"
#5 0.0023"
#6 0.0021"
#7 0.0023"
#8 0.0024"
The rods have a 0.001" under bearing on the top and a standard on the bottom.

Main bearing clearance is:
#1 0.0029"
#2 0.0031"
#3 0.0030"
#4 0.0030"
#5 0.0029"
The mains have 0.001" oversize bearings.

Crankshaft endplay is 0.008"
Camshaft endplay is 0.005"
Side clearance on the rods are 0.020"-0.022"
Also, the block is modified so that all 5 cam bearings and #1 main are resticted and a custom restrictor for the left side oil galley to cut oil to the lifters/top end.
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