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i have the motor for sale also on here
the truck is very clean
body is from texas but is not perfict
and could use a paint job
it has a corporat rear with 4;10's
front is a dana 44 with a spicer locker and spicer joints with a 3;92's
has a built up np 205 devorced t-case
and a b/w t-18 tranny
frame is a 78
has 1480 ujoint all the way throu the truck
custom yokes
rear leaf set up from a gm so i could elimanate the rear blocks
and leaf packs are from a 2.5 truck with the rubber replaced with brass to
stop any movment or axle wrape

has a cust alum dash with switch panel and all the gauges
ajustable race seat
all the safty loops and kill switch and back up light
has a custom pulling hitch

this truck hooks very well with no bouncing and handels very well
we did some inprovments to it this last winter besids rebuilding it from ground up witch will make this truck a very serious competing truck

the class it was built for was a 480 cid max
and has to have stock running gear

i will sell the truck as a roller only for
or 5,000 with motor
i have pics but my scaner is down so i am not shure if i will get it going soon
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