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Hello everyone I have gone to a glide due to c4 letting go.. I have a couple of parts up for sale .. I can give quotes on shipping upon requests.. thks also can send pics by cell if needed ..

1.JW Bellhousing c4 to bbf used..$225.00 SOLD!!!!!

2.PA Pro servo used all hardware included ..$85.00 OR BEST OFFER ... YOU NEVER KNOW

3.PTC Converter 10" for nitrous $250.00 car ran 6.70's with stock 460 with this converter..on the gas ran 6.09 SOLD!!!!!

thks for looking and feel free to ask any questions or call me to talk via cell 919-738-2014 as I am located in eastern north carolina.. Also all parts have less than 2 yrs run time on them as they look brand new... thks again name is Dave
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