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fresh and has yet to be fired
it has a
dove block that is filled to the bottom of water passages
bored 60 over
stock crank turned 10/10
scatt h-beam rods
probe flat tops
king rods bearings
clevit main bearings
melling hv pump
milidon windage tray
arp main studs
moroso 8qt truck pan rear sump

fully ported dooe-r heads
feara valves
comp locks and retainers
howards max effort springs
lash caps
scorpion rockers
enigin pro push rods 83 wall thick
comp cams lifters soilid roller's
billit roller cam (will give specs to intersted buyer)
total seal file fit rings
edel victor 4300 intake fully ported
i have adapter to adapt it to a 4150 carb
race holley 4150 850 cfm
stock locked dizzy with bronze gear
moroso 11mm wires
ngk vpower plugs
motor is almost ready to fire and i have rotella oil for the break in and will have valvolin 20-50 vr1 unless buyer wants something else
this motor should run great and this is not my first motor build
it has good parts and i have run simalar combos with great sucess in our pulling trucks
i am not gonna sell it for what i have into it cause i feel that is a little much to ask
and i dont mind giveing a good deal but i also dont wanna loss my *** on it
only reason for selling it is cause we simply cant afford to pull 2 trucks any more and we are gonna keep the mod truck
this motor was built for a pulling truck with 480 cid limit and oen iron head
but will work good for just about anything
feel free to call me or email me anytime for any questions
i am located in little falls minnesota
i am willing to ship it and i wont charge a pallet fee
and if it isnt to far i will deliver or meet
if buyer wants to look at it first and hear it run that is fine also
i will also include a new set of custom headersthey are 2 1/4 -4
out side frame headers will fit 67-79 frames

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jesse, here is a bump for ya. And while I'm at it, would you tell me who built your headers and the cost? (2-1/4 fenderwell?)

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i might be willing to part the motor
if i get enof buyers for the parts
if i do here is a ruff idea as to what i would ask for it all

heads complete
1,600 with rockers
cam 150.00
lifters 275.00
pistons with rods
balnced rotating assembly
with steel flywheel

oil pan with pick up and pump 325.00
this is only if i cant find a buyer for the whole motor
and i would like to get 3,000 for it complete carb to pan
i am taking a pretty good loss on this but right now we could use the cash
and work has slowed down for us
i am curently layed off for 2 weeks and the wife just found out she is also gonna be layed off next week and they will be down to 32 hrs when she gose back
so in order for us to keep one truck going and keep food on the table
this needs to go
if you have any questions feel free to call me any time day or night
or email me with your number and i will call you

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3,000 takes it
carb to pan
and i will include to the headers

also this block has had oil mods done to it
every thing that paul kane recomends has been done
and this isnt my first one and is done very nice

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well i got alot of calls and emails but it dosent seem to be moving?
for a fresh
soild roller 472
dooe heads
dove block
fully balenced,carb to pan
heck i got almost just that into the heads
i think this is a steal but maybe i am wrong?
we are open for a trade for a
kawsaki mules
polaris ranger
or some atv that is a 4x4 and side by side
i might trade the whole package truck with motor

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hey bro , interested in 472

any idea on hp ? i run a stock class ,iron head class, sounds like a good motor. how much compression? i also own a kawasaki dealership in ga, maybe have mule or atv you would like, if you have pics send them to [email protected].. thanks shane

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block,rods,pistons,crank are sold

still have top end
i will sell the heads for 1,300
1,500 with port matched victor 4300 flange
i wish i could post some pics of the heads they are awsome
and every thing is brand new
i will include rockers,push rods
and svo alum valve covers
i did all the port work and it turned out nice
this isnt my first port job
and i go buy scotty's instructions
feel free to give me a ring
i will be up for awhile tonight and all day tomorro
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