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they are less than 1 yr old and i only put 14 passes on them
i had lem do them for me and they are awsome
only reason i am selling thease is cause i am changing my top end
i dont have the specs right in front of me and do not have internet at home
but they are a 4.500 bore i had them on a 6.8 rod with a 4.150 stroke
they are a bigger dome i had them at around 15-5 comp with a 60 thou gasket
i was gonna bump the comp up if needed so that is why i went a bigger head gasket
they are gas poreted and have been lightned they have the small top ring
they come with trend h-13 pins and childs akerly extreme rings file fit to a n/a deal
they have the round ring keepers cause i wanted better than spriol locks
i have over 1,500 into thease and want 750.00 for them i feel that is around half price and is fair
they are in perfict shape sorry i have no way to post pics
and i have the specs at home so if you are intersed call me
320-632-0023 if i do not answer leave me a message i will call you back and feel free to call me any time even late at night i stay up late
item is located in little falls mn
i have done buying and selling on here befor so if you dont know about me feel free to ask around i am a fair guy
i am open to offers would to sell thease fast to fund my new motor

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you need to call me
i dont have the internet anymore and i have all the info at home
i will be home tonight and go back to work tomorro
but if i dont answer leave a message i will call you back
i also dropped the price to 450.00
i gotta move thease
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