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I have a 1974 Cougar XR-7 with Special Order Trailer Towing Options. It has a Factory 460 4BBl. C-6, the usual power Steer, Brakes, Windows, Door Locks, Seats, plus the normal A/C, Tilt, and Cruise. It also has Factory Tach, Gauge Package and Clock, plus AM/FM/8 Track. In addition to these Options, it also has, Delayed Wipers and Electric Rear Window Defrost. The interior is Black Leather with Power Buckets Up Front. The rest of the Drive Train is 3:25 Posi with 31 Spline Axles. By the way, 1974 was the first year for a Full Frame under the Cougars. Plus, this is a 1974 but has Electronic Ignition which came out in 1975. I guess it was close to the change over time. This car also has Front and Rear Bumperettes. This is the most options I have ever seen on a Car period let alone a Cougar.
I rebuilt the engine I think about 1987 when I worked at the Skoal Bandit Nascar Shop. I drove it for some time after that but parked it in 1988 because I was going to replace all the Brake Parts and Shocks to finish making it a better Ride. I had done the engine and replaced the shocks, removed all the brake drums and rotors but never got back to work on the car. Now it has been sitting on blocks for about, 24 years and the weather has taken it's toll on the car. There is rust in the lower edges of the drivers door and behind the left wheel lower quarter. On the passenger side the rust is on the lower edge of the door but the quarter is good. There is some rust away to the drip edge in the trunk where the seal goes. The Vinyl Top has deteriorated and chome is peeling off the front bumper. The Car is so Rare and Highly Optioned that I really don't want to part it out or crush it but I don't have time money and resources to restore it back to it's Beauty.
I removed the gas tank and cleaned it along with flushing the fuel lines, fuel pump, and rebuilding the carb a few years back and after turning the engine over and adding a little Marvel Mystery Oil to the Cylinders a week or two prior and priming the oil system, I started the engine right up and it ran great. There was a little smoke from the oil I put in the cylinders but after that burned away it ran fine. No tapping noises, no clicking of lifters, no squeals or anything.

This car was originally a Med Blue Metallic Color but previous owner to me had it painted Sky Blue. I would like to offer this car to someone who can bring her back to life. I will take, $2,500.00 for the car and you guys know that with this many options and a rebuilt 460 and 3:25 Pois that I can make more parting it out. It would just be a Shame to do it. I am open to trades for Hi Perf Ford Engine Parts and I am also interested in a late 90s to 2000s 650 to 850 Street Bike Motorcycle in good condition. No problem bikes. I would be interested in Honda, Yahmaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki Bikes. Let me know what you have. I will try to post pictures but have never done so on here so if I can't today I will try on Monday after getting some help. I am located just outside of Charlotte, NC and my number is, 704-867-7566 Home or 704-516-8033 cell if I am not there. Call Home first please. Thanks, Mike. PS don't know how to post pictures on here so email me at, [email protected] and I will send pictures. Thanks.
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