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Falcon with a 460

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I have a 63 falcon with a Heidts mustang II front and a 460 does anybody have any idea on headers that would fit this application pretty sure manifolds will work I would just rather have headers. Thanks for the help in advance. Brian

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no but i got a 61 for sale 1000 no engine or trans but good for a spare :)
Don't have any help for you, but that is awesome. Always wanted to do that myself. nice project!

Call Stan Johnson Ford Powertrain Applications. He did a killer job on the ones for my Fairlane with the Rod and Custom front end.


I love that body style. I`d prefer it over my 64 Fairlane.
I love that body style. I`d prefer it over my 64 Fairlane.
2 door post car?
I know this is an old thread but I have a few ?'s. Did you move the firewall back and ifso how much. I have a straight axle 62 falcon that I just sat a 460 down in and I have no room for a radiator. I have no problem moving it back, just curious at what you had to do to put yours in. Thanks for any info
Neat little car can only imagine what that thing must go like with a 460 nestled under the hood.The girl I married in 69 was always riding around in a Falcon Sprint convertable with a 260 (memory not what it used to be) at that time we were contemplating a 390ci swap.You have any pictures?Mike Ross
With a car that small, it's best to move the weight back anyway for traction and handling qualities.
Actually for years wanted to stick a 460 in a 67 Fairlane.Always liked the looks of that car.
You can try Tubular Automotive in Rockland Mass. They Make a lot of Headers for early Fords with difference engine. There number is 781-878-9875 give them a call. They may have what your looking for.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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