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I have several fe's stashed away in my barn hoping to some day build a few toys. What i am looking for is any info on how to build a 510 from a 390 block i saw a book a long time a go that listed all ford factory parts for this build but have not been able to find it again hoping that some of you guys with great ford knowledge might have run across this buid before. On another note waiting for my 460 to come back from machine shop so i can get that project finshed for my 83 f250 puller. Thanks for any advice you might have on the FE build.

This might just be a crazy project but it would be a great power plant for my 51 f100.:cool:
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i dont think its possible. the only way to get 510 ci from an FE is to start with a 427 block with the 4.23 bore, and i think i remember reading that back in the day they used to offset grind the cranks to 4.375 or something which is close to 510 ci. i believe that the 427 block with a scat 4.25 crank gets around 485 ci. With a 390 block and a scat stroker kit you can get anywhere from 410-460 cubes respectively and close to 470 with a 428 block. I fought this for a long time myself trying to figure out how i was gonna punch my 390 out for big cubes and mega hp. I built a healthy 416 using a factory 428 crank. Its a nice motor, and the FE's are cool, but eventually had to succumb to the fact that a 460 is already a 460 and for cheaper than i could build a 450ci FE I could build a 550ci 385 series. So i sold the FE for 460 money. Not sayin you should ditch the FE's, but if your wanting 500+ inches a 390 isnt the best place to start
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would be a good book to start with. Barry R is a contributor on this site and the FE site.
We build a lot of FE's, I have sonic checked a lot of 390 blocks, and I recommend keeping the over bores to a minimum-so 500in is out.

BUT, the 390FE can be very easily stroked to a 445, for a reasonable cost. In fact, costs have come down considerably. We've been building these budget torque monsters since 2002 when the SCAT 4.250 stroke cranks came out. Just dynoed a 445 last week for a Mustang, and they'll make very good power with some decent head flow. I don't recommend trying to take a 390 much bigger. A few blocks will bore to 4.130 and give you 460 cubes, but not many. Not even the "105" blocks are as thick as many old tales would have you believe. A sonic test is a must for anything making power, and going over .040".
you may be off by 100 cubic inches. I'm not sure of all parts needed, but many build a 410 FE with a 390 block, and the rotating assembly of a 428, or something like that. Here's a good source of info:


Thanks for the responses and yes i may have gotten mixed up on cubes. You all know how the mind plays games from time to time. I also have 428 cj that i could build it had 7000 miles on rebuild but idiots never put cam bearings in losses oil pressure when warm at idle.
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