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Female vs. male distributor cap

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Do the male caps tend to be more reliable?

Here's the deal. Since I put together my carb'd 460 combo, I've had a random missfire. I've been through the valve adjustments a couple of times and the timing and the carb tuning. None of that has ever effected the missfire.

For example, driving down the freeway, under cruise circumstances at 60 MPH, every 5-10 seconds, it will miss once.

My combination is as follows: Female cap on a Scott R. recurved Duraspark. I've got an MSD 6AL ignition box, Accel 8.8MM wires to Autolite 45 conventional spark plugs, gapped at .035.

The engine is stock rotating assembly, Scott R. spec'd ported iron C8 heads, approximately 10:1 compression, approximately 400 flywheel horsepower.

I'm always a little unnerved by the fact that the wires don't positively lock on the cap. It seems like the boots are tight and tend to force the wire back out of the cap. Maybe none of that has any bearing on the issue?


Thank you!!

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The female caps work but like you said....the way the wires snap on the male style is nice.
Where can you find caps with male terminals?
Have you ever ran it with the 6AL not hooked up, Just to see?
Cap Part Numbers

Where can you find caps with male terminals?
I typically get them from Autozone or similar parts store fore a 1978 F150 4X4 with a 351 modified. Typically a Cap Adapter Part # F958, And then the Cap and Rotor #F2103, F954, Or F2103G is needed. You will also need new spark plug wire
Make sure to keep #'s 7/8 wires seperated as much as possible.Sometimes they will fire on each other. They aren't the best of friends on SOME BBF's.:)
what do you call one thats half male and half female?:D
Fits all 1957-1987 V8 distributors (except EEC). High performance replacement for high energy OEM rotor and cap on 1977-1987 V8 distributors. Installation on 1957-1976 distributor (which had smaller diameter cap) reduces possibility of crossfire between terminals at high rpm's.
Compatible with Ford Racing ignition wire sets.
Aluminum terminals
If it were me, I'd open the plug gap up to .044 with the MSD box. Just an idea, I've always found that they run better all the way around at .044.
One thing to double check is all your grounds. Make sure your engine to battery cable is thick and that is has good metal to metal contact. Same goes for the ground to the MSD box.

Hope that helps,

Thanks for the advice, guys. I ordered the MSD 8414 kit, and a set of Ford wires. If that doesn't improve the situation, I'll try increasing the plug gap. I'll double check on the grounds, as well. I could see how a poorly grounded engine could cause a weak spark..

Miss fire

I had a similar problem in my Bronco. I was using a Performance Distributors Dura-Spark and everytime I hooked up the vaccum advance the engine would start missfiring. I had a MSD-6A on it at the time. I changed to a stock Dura-Spark and the Bronco is fine now. I am using the Performance Distributors dizzy with a HEI module on my Torino and it works fine even with the vaccum advance.
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