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finally got to race again

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First off i would like to thank Norris racing (lilmudfoot on the board) for the help saturday night, without their help the carb would still be a problem and i would have went home scratching my head again with a lot of choice words for the truck. that is what the popping was i was having problems with. Got to love the leasons learned when dealing with these higher hp engines.

Now for the good and the bad. The truck ran pretty good and i was happy with the engine not so much with the chassis but no one was having good luck hooking on this track. Now the bad the driver cant cut a light to save his life and got beat not only by a chevy but also a dodge, but in my defense i havent ran on a tree in two years and they run it about every other weekend. i will have video up in a couple of days.
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Travis what turned out to be your carb problem exactly?
i have a dominator and i guess there are 6 little holes on the top of the carb (dont remember what there are called) but we cleaned them with carb cleaner and my back squirter was a little clogged so we cleaned it as well. now its getting plenty of fuel. Night and day difference on how it launched off the line.
I believe you are refering to the air bleeds maybe?

Don't feel too bad about not cutting a good light, I go back and fourth on the light. One weekend I will get a .024 reaction and the next a .24. It just takes time and testing. Jeff is the best one I have talked to yet on cutting a light!! I'm sure he could freshen ya up alittle!!
"AIR BLEEDS" If you take them out be sure to put them back where they came from or you'll have fits with it! I see them mixed up quite a bit. "DON"T KNOW WHY IT DON"T RUN RIGHT, I JUST REBUILT IT"!
yeah that would be them. thanks for the lesson critters that would probably have been a lesson hard learned if not told.
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