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Hey all,
I've been lurking and reading for years. I have posted questions to the other site and been the happy runner of a Scotty J cam in my '86 farm truck (4x4 F-250) for around 4yrs now. For years I have been dreaming of something to do with my spare 460... life has a way and shops ain't cheap to build... But...

Finally got a little shop built by the house and made the deal to get the truck my brother built in the early '90s back in the family. It's a '68 short bed F100, 429, PI heads, C6, 9in. I'll never be able to afford anything like a lot here run, definitely nothing that the internet makes look cheap and easy with huge power... I just plan on a pump gas friendly toy that I can spend years fiddling with for an excuse to get greasy and drink a few beers... (If my youth taught me anything, it taught me to sit in the driveway and blip the throttle by hand... It's a lot cheaper than diving stupid..). I live 60 miles from the closest track, so play days will be few and far between. To top it all off, I'm the only one I know within 100 miles with 385 fords... Everyone I know is either bbc or bbmopar fanboys so I will be attempting to convince non-believers that other engines are fun too...

When I post newb questions, have patience, I will be gathering spare money and ordering parts with months between... Updates on payoffs will be like reviving a 3yr post... I appreciate all the help, just bear with me, I'm slow in the head...
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