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Hello i'm new here and i want to build my first ford BB and need some help.

Im still driving a 75 lincoln with stock 460 engine and i want some more power.
If its possible i would prefer to use my iron heads.

I've two engines in my garage both need to be rebuild and i dont know which is the best combination for bit stronger engine for my 2.4to lincoln

1.) Original Ford 460 (from the lincoln) with D3VE A2A heads, all complete stock

2.) Ford 429 with D0VE-C heads std. valves, edelbrock performer intake, new sealed power pistons (L2366F), holley 750 carb, unknown camshaft, std crank, std. conrod

I dont know which enigne is better for tune up, the 460 or the 429?

Which heads are better? Maybe bigger valves?

Which camshaft would you suggest, i like the sound of the thumps from comp cams are they too aggressive for my engine?

Thanks a lot and greetings from austria,

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