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Flex plate to crank bolts

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I just dropped in and bolted up my new 460 to my tranny in my 70 Torino, today, got the headers on, but still have to hook everything up and break it in.
But I just realized I never used any thread lock onthe bolts holding the flexplate to the crank.

I torqued all 6 bolts to 80 ft-lbs, but no lock tight, should I be concerned??

Thanks mat.
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when i first learned about mechanics there was no lock tight. no rtv either. cars and trucks worked for years without either. fwiw bobn
Thanks, I really would have hated unbolting everything and pulling the motor out, it was a battle getting everything all lined up laying n my back in the gravel lane behined my buddies place, deffinetly need a shop or at least a nice concrete surface next time
i have a JW (the wheel) flywheel which has a spacer plate on the crank side of the flywheel and the plate tack welds broke and loosened up and the plate cut thru the bolts and sheared them off until i had 1 or 2 bolts left holding it on. the bolts were ARP bolts but still broke. i have since rewelded the plate on the flywheel much better than JW did and use blue thread locker on the bolts. haven't had a problem since. but i would imagine the bolts loosened up first then the plate welds broke and then sheared the bolts. i would use at the very least blue threadlocker on the flywheel bolts, thats me. if your using a transbrake i would put threadlocker, it just makes sense.
point taken hemi,,,,however yours seems to be a race car not a street car...fwiw. bob
When torqued properly they shouldnt come loose, I have never used threadlocker on any bolt I have ever put in anything unless it was already on the bolt. Antiseize? yes, threadsealer? certainly, but never threadlocker, but thats just me. Some people have good luck with it, I didnt.:)
a lot of bolts can be properly torqued, however, when high RPM racing conditions are present you will have harmonics to different degrees. harmonics can and will cause bolts to loosen up over time, some bolts can be serviced or tightened up at timely intervials and some require complete tear down to get to the bolts. these are the bolts that may require threadlocker. what was that saying about the Mother of invention? need i say more.
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