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I have a 460 in my shop with the heads off (D3VE). Bottom end is new stock stuff about 4,500 Miles on that. From here... it's a blank canvas. Looking for pump gas numbers, I have been reading on here until my eyes want to cross.

I have a C6... I'm thinking more along the lines of an overdrive / 4speed option. E40D? AOD?

I will grab up a 9 inch for the rear. No idea what to stuff it with. I don't know much about the 8.8.

I really am in uncharted waters. I have always been a 4x4 guy.

I want to stuff it all into a single cab short bed. Like a Big Block Lightening Clone. My long search for a decent muscle car has been ended. I won't pay what folks want for them lol.

500 or 500 on pump gas maybe? I saw the build charts in my searches on here. I would like to run a Holley Sniper EFI or similar self learning option.

I will be around, reading alot, but I wanted to make a post to see if anyone has done a similar build, or can point me to a good read on one. (in or out of the forum).

Can't wait to share progress!
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