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flywheel help

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hey guys I need help getting the right flywheel for my manual trans swap. The guy at the tranny shop is giving me a good deal in a flywhel he has but we aren't sure it will work. I have a d1ve block and don't kniw the year. The numbers off the flywheel are: D9te-6380-bb, E5tj-da. Will this work for me? I noticed on the flywheel there is a raised portion on the back. Does the flywheel ned to be zero balance?
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If the rotating assemble is stock in your D1 block, its internal balance and that flywheel is for 1979 and newer external balance, they are not compatible . If an aftermarket external balance rotating assembly has been used to rebuild your motor than you could use that flywheel.
what if I had a machine shop zero it out? Is it just the balancing part of it that makes it not compatible of it's physical dimensions?
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