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Over the course of this winter I am going to build a ford 460 pulling truck motor for a improved stock class, I have a dove a block along with some dove heads I am planning on using, any thoughts or suggestions on this build would be appreciated I am hoping for 600 hp or more here are the rules for the class,
Improved Stock Class Rules

5700 and 6200 lbs.

Motor must match pickup make.Must be mounted in stock
location as intended by the manufacturer.

Truck must be complete inside and out.

factory cast (OEM) heads only. **

Must run 4150 flange carb or smaller.

( NO ELECTRIC FUEL PUMPS) mechanical fuel pump only.

May run an electric fan and electric water pump.

No weight bars on front. Must have stock oem front
bumper.weight added must be in the pickup box.If you do not
have rear bumper you must have bump stops.

No solid or blocked suspension or ladder bars and no clamping
springs. Must be on springs. Lift kits allowed. Must use
stock frame and running gear.

Wheel base must not be altered from factory.

Must pull off hitch with front mount not to extend forward of
rear spring shackles.rear mount must be within 6 inches of
rear of factory lenth frame. The entire hitch hole must
extend beyond the back of the box or flat bed.Hitch hole must
be mount solid to rear hitch mount. Must not pivot off from
front mount. (NO PROSTOCK TYPE HITCH) Hitch must be easily
accessible.These rules are if you make a hitch. You may bolt
a factory receiver hitch to factory location.

Must be licensed. No class jumping allowed.

480 cubic inch limit.* Dual plane intake only, no air gap
type intake manifolds allowed. An exception to this rule is
if vehicle was originally equipped with a GM 8.1 liter or
Dodge 8.0 liter engine, these will be allowed.

Cast iron exhaust manifolds only, manifolds must be oem to
that truck and engine, unless truck was factory equipped with
tubular manifolds.

Vehicles must have an exhaust system with muffler(s), 3"
diameter max. Exhaust must exit at least 12" behind

Slipper Clutches and Stall converters are allowed.

No Profab-type transmission conversions allowed

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I would find a set of DOOE-R heads and exhaust manifolds with a stealth intake. Some compression and good spec'd cam you should be fine, other s on here with more knowledge should be able to help out also

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Sounds like you need my motor. 473" Dooe-r headed with a stealth intake. Eagle crank with Eagle h-beams, speed pro flat tops in the holes. Get in touch with BOSS429 here on the forum, he does a lot of successful pulling motors and can steer you in the right direction.
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