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Fellas -

C8AE 6312 D Triple Sheave Crank Pulley - Have Two - 1968, 1969, 1970 Ford crankshaft pulley. This is a pulley that was used with dual alternator belts and with power steering, but without air conditioning. This is correct for 1968-1969 390 4 bbl, 427 Mercury Cougar GT-E, or 1968-1969 428 Cobra Jet CJ engines. I have two; one good, one exceptional. $50 for the good one; $100 for the exceptional one.

"Low mount" alternator mounting bracket for a 1968 or 1969 Mustang or Mercury Cougar with the 390 S Code GT, 427 Cougar GTE, or 428 Cobra Jet CJ engine. It has the Ford stamped casting number of C8AE-10156-A. The Ford engineering number is C8AZ-10156-A. It has been blasted and it is in very nice condition - - just paint and install. $100.

Balancer that was used on 1968, 1969 and 1970 FE engines. This includes the 390 GT, 390 S code, 428 Police Interceptor, and 428 Cobra Jet CJ (the 428 Super Cobra Jet SCJ used a different balancer). The date code on the balancer is K8, which is October, 1968 (k is the 11th letter in the alphabet, but the letter i was not used for date codes, so k = October). $50.

Front cover or timing chain cover for a Ford FE engine. The part number is C3AE-6059-A; these were used from 1963-1968. This particular cover is dated October, 1963 (the front cover has a "63" cast into it with 10 dots surrounding the "63" - each dot indicates a month), so this front cover would be concours correct for a 352, 390, 406, or 427 center oiler FE produced during October 1963 or up to a few months later. If you're just concerned with the correct casting and not the date, this is the correct front cover for all 1963-1968 FE engines, including the 428 Police Interceptor, but NOT the 428 Cobra Jet, which used the C8AE-6059-B cover. $60.

Nice FE engine water pump #C9AE-8505-A - correct for your 390, 390 GT, 427 side oiler, 428 Police Interceptor PI, 428 Cobra Jet CJ, or 428 Super Cobra Jet SCJ. The date on this water pump is 8J12 - September 12, 1968 (j is the 10th letter in the alphabet, but since "i" was not normally used for date codes, J = September) so it would have been installed in a 1969 Ford built sometime after mid-September 1968. $100.

I also have a 69 AMX, Big Bad Green Project - Super Rare and Cheap! E mail for details at [email protected]

Car and parts are in Columbus, GA.


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