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I custom build my own trans brakes for the c4 and c6 this is not a any other brand of valve body !!!!

Ok here it is folks a new designed 70 up c4 trans brake that has a clean neutral after third gear !!!!! the pattern is revrsed like my standard trans brake but is slightly different P R/N123N.

This has a reverse pattern , but you have to use a forward pattern shifter from Winters/Maverick shifter 357-1b or you could use a ratchet style shifter too. the b&m pro stick and hurst quarter stick will not work with it.

this is a pro tree style brake and you have to push the button for reverse . it uses a screw in external solenoid and is extremely quick and clean releasing.

I am the only transmission builder out there offering this style valve body for the c4 !

This is great for drag racing as you can simply click it into neutral after you run is over instead of down shifting through the gears to get to the normal neutral position!!! Save your rods and bearings .

this will supply enough line pressure to power a 1000 hp car with upgraded components! Approx 250 psi.

Know what your looking at , don't be decieved by tci or pa junk valve bodies.

This is a patent pending valve body!!

feel free to ask questions customer service can be reached at bktirebroiler.com
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