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Hey guys, I've got 3 NP205's right now, and run across them quite often. 2 of them have the dual cardan "CV" driveshafts and shifters/linkage.
I make adapters and such to make them work in different applications, and to also "clock" them up for ground clearance or down for driveshaft angle.
I can rebuild them. I can also get them ready for a "twin stick" shifter setup, and will be advertising some shifters in the vendor section in the near future.

I'm asking $175 each.

Twin stick ready modification is an additional $50

I can ship them for $150 in the 48 US states, or local pickup is welcomed in Leitchfield, KY

I make universal mounting kits that mount them in just about any truck, using poly bushings; as well as Strong Box Doubler kits for additional low gears to accomodate larger tires, rock crawling, etc...(see my vendor ad)

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