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For Sale –
I would like to sell this as a package but if no takers will look at parting out.
All parts are Ford Racing. They came off my Aluminum CJ A429 heads that I bought. The parts appear to be new as clean as they are but I suspect that they have been run due to a slight discoloration on the exhaust valves. Probably long enough to do the break in on the engine. I pulled everything out and put bigger valves, different springs, new titanium retainers, and 10 deg locks in the heads. Below is a little info on the parts. I will answer questions the best I can.

To buy indivdually would cost around $380.00 from Ford Racing,

Intake – M-6507-B429 / 2.20" / Premium stainless steel
Exhaust – M-6505-A429 / 1.76" / Premium stainless steel

M-6513-A351 / Dual Coil / Closed 135 lbs. @ 1.850" / Open 394 lbs. @ 1.175"

M-6513-A50 / Single lock groove11/32" dia. Stem / 7° Machined

M-6518-B351 / Machined and hardened / 7° design with single lock groove

PRICE - $250.00



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