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I'm selling my Top Loader from my old 70 Torino Cobra, that I had in my Fairlane. I'm changing over to a C6, so I want to let this go. It was rebuilt once in 1985, was in my Torino until 1996, sat in my Dad's garage until 2006, and has been in my Fairlane since the 2010 Bash. The ID tag shows it was for a 70 Fairlane w/429, close ratio, but it was in my 70 Torino Cobra, which I bought from the original owner, who was a friend of my father's, back in 1985. In 2006, I installed all new gaskets, seals, and a new tailshaft bushing. The input is the 1 3/8" shaft, and the output is 31 spine. I do not want to ship this, because I'd have to build a crate, and it would be very expensive to ship. I would drive up to 6 hours one way to meet someone, for free, which is why I want to sell this for an even $1000. I see this trans going for over $2000 with a fresh rebuild. Here's some pictures of the transmission. I'm going to try here first, before I put it on ebay.

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