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Best pass with this tune up was a 5:73 at 121 with 850psi bottle press.
With 700psi of bottle pres car went 5:83 at 120.
Plugs look good so next time will try 1100 psi.

Need to put my wheel-e-bars on cause it is in the air past the 60 foot clock

The run in the video she slid me back in the seat and lifted just enough to
turn the NOS off. That is why the wheel stand droped down so hard.
Still went a 1:44 60 and a 5:80. Short guy peddle block on the way. hahaha

Have not made a motor pass with the NOS converter and 389 gear.
Sure it will be slow.

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Just plain "WOW!" Awesome sight and sound..

That was almost a "check my bumper and my shorts" ride there.. In car camera all you see is sky, so it looks like you got huge air...

Cars like that always impress me and make me feel slooooow (you're doing 5 mph more in the 1/8 than I do in the 1/4)

Jim W
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