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Next to all my ford big block stuff are a few amc's. I grew up with these just like the ford trucks that got me into the 460's so you know the childhood memories of the stuff you grew up around. Anyway I am trying to get some info on know good engine builds for amc and I don't want to read about the builds from the guys from how to paint your camero. Any one know of anyone who knows amc's? I have a pretty good idea of what I want, but someones else's input may be good. It usually is.

The car that this engine for was my dad's first car so it really has some value to me and could use some help.

74 javelin
4 speed
4.10 posi

The plan for the engine is a 360 with 9.9 compression, roller rockers, balanced, arp rod bolts. I have a torker intake, a cam that is an older blue racer 300/310, 234/244 @ .050, 520/544 lift on a 112 lda. Headers and some port work. I'm not to sure about anything else here sort of flying blind. Car will be used as a street strip deal.

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