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Hello everyone!

Over the years I have altered the configuration of my Fox Body BFF, and these are the leftover parts located in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. *Updated to individual pricing
Shipping from 33317 buyer pays lower 48.

460 Mock block PAYR Foam block, $365 price drop SOLD

Kooks Stainless 2 1/8 Long tubes headers with 3.5 collectors Vband, some clearance for steering shaft, 02 bungs -$700 includes x pipe Price Drop
VBand X pipe 3.5” to 3”

Anthony Jones Tubular PG Crossmember, $100, clarification will fit For PG, TH350, C4, C6, AOD and 700R4/4L60 SOLD
Solid PG trans mount - $10 SOLD
JW ultra bell, locally built Powerglide, Turbo input, not sure on gearset been a while (trying to find paperwork. Reverse pattern.) $1500 Includes *'d items below this line SOLD
*Deep Pan
*JW Wheel Flexplate
*TCI Shield
*JW Converter, Street config EFI BBF (trying to find paperwork from JW) 50 miles on converter
*Lokar flexible dipstick (also have solid dipstick)
B&M Pro stick, $170 SOLD
MUSTANG direct drop in shifter mount depending on your year floor should not have to be cut, also clears radio), This is the solid fully welded 1/8 alum one. $100. SOLD
GM to Ford speedo adapter cable – Yep, have a working speedo with FOX Cluster and PG 
Fox body driveshaft safety loop, Bolt or weld. I had it tig welded to my sub-frame connectors, obo SOLD
Driveshaft for Fox Body 8.8 to PG, $150 SOLD

BBF Aerospace mandrel cut down to clear radiator in FOX body mustang, $90
Mean green indexable starter, $160
Accel EFI 75709 Ultra Pump with pre and post filters (50 miles on pump), $200
Ford BBF Adapter engine mounts, $100
Skinny Kid Manual master cylinder with Strange master. This keep moves MC 1” closer to fender for valve cover clearance, $90

Let me know if you have any questions. Posted locally as well. Prefer pickup as most of these parts are large. Thanks, Joe (Five Six One) 662-8823

let's hope these links work:
PhotoBucket album Link: 460BBF by Partsguy03 | Photobucket

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I have not individually priced out the parts yet as I am hoping someone would make an offer on the lot. Give me a little more time to test the water and then I'll split the items up. Thanks.

SOLD Items marked and some prices lowered.
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