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front driveshaft hits transmission

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i have a 1979 bronco that i just swapped a 460 into with the 2wd trans that i rebuilt to 4wd with a 79 f150 output shaft and adapter i have an np205t-case that originally came off my t-18 manual transmission. My problem is my front driveshaft double cardan joint hits my transmission where the pan meets the case is there another adapter for this transmission or can i cut some material off the transmission and pan to clear it
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Do away with the double cardan joint.
what critters said

I had the same problem, went to a 1410 shaft, no more problems.
I have the same problem.
I wanted to keep my CV joint, but put it at the axle end.
The shaft is pretty short and with the 6" lift I don't like the angle it's at.
that cv shaft can't take much for angle (even though everyone says they can) I went through 4 of them before I figured it out. A 1410 series shaft will take the angle much better then the cv will. You're front shaft isn't any shorter then what mine was, I had a 6" lift with the NP435 which made it shorter then one with a C6, still worked great.
I want to say my driveshaft is about 22"s and I have the short 6" adapter. I had to cut into the crossmember to clear the shaft before I knew it'd hit the transmission.

I have 1330 yokes and u joints.

I'll go with 1410s if I can't make something else work, but where would you get a 1410 yoke for the t-case?
you could always go with the 1350 series stuff, the only difference between it and the 1410 series is the 1410 is wider and heavier. I run all 1350 series with 800 hp and 250 shot nos with 44s and have never broken a joint yet. Of course u need to buy high quality stuff. spicer, or neapco.
I would have to see if I can find the part number we used, but any good driveshaft shop should be able to get it pretty easy. If they can't they're not worth dealing with LOL
from the front output of the t case to my front axle pinion i have 28 inches so i believe i need a shaft that is 30 to 31 inches fully extended
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