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I have a 1/4" 6061 aluminum front motor plate 4-Sale. I designed it specificly to fit the frame of a 92-96 F-series truck. I ended up building another one that I like a little better, hence the reason for the sale.

New ones that fit a BBF sell for around $125, but they don't EVEN come close to fitting a truck. This is due to the offset that the motor has in the chassis. If you want to use plates, then get ready to build one,...... unless you buy this one. :lol:

It's set-up to use a mechanical water pump and also utilize every single hole in the timing cover, unlike the pre-fab ones that just use the 11 w/p bolts only. This one uses all 15 mounting places.

It's also cut at such an angle so to allow you to run an March alternator bracket w/o modifying the plate

Some of the holes are a little oval shaped (3 or 4), but nothing that will hinder the use of the plate. I just didn't start the drilling process dead-on in a few spots.

I'll take $85 for it. UPS ground shipping is included in the price.

Payment can be made via a Postal Money Order,.....or you can Pay-Pal me the $$ to [email protected], but be sure to add $3 to the total to cover the fees they charge me.

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