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1990 GT
347 DSS Shortblock. Reliefed pistons, H beam rods, I believe the crank is cast. The motor was together n/a when I purchased the car.
TFS Twisted Wedge Heads
TFS Street Heat Intake
TFS Stage 1 cam and springs
All TFS parts unported
1.6 Roller rockers
DIY twin turbo kit built using two Garrett Turbos from Grand Nationals. Kit is intercooled, uses Gen 1 DSM BOV. Turbos recently rebuilt. No shaft play.
7 qt oil pan, New HV pump installed.
42 lb injectors, PMAS Blowthrough MAF
65 MM Throttle body
2 row aluminum radiator.

4 Inch Cowl hood with SVO scoop.

NO A/C!!! Wasnt enough room to keep the a/c with this kit.
Currently swapping in C4, 3500 stall, Transbrake. Also still have all parts to build rear end. 31 spline axles, carrier (w rebuild kit) c-clip eliminators..
Aluminum Driveshaft.
Cobra brakes front and rear
99 O.E. Cobra Rims with new 245/45 up front and 275/40 in rear
New Windshield
Saleen Wing ( Have the stock GT wing I will include )
Car currently does not have power locks. The solenoids were removed by the previous owner and not replaced.
255 LPH intake pump.
Black interior, custom upholstered seats, Custom headliner.
Subframe connectors.
Battery moved to hatch.
MSD 6A box
Maximum motorsports lowers, dbl adjustable upper
86 Tail lights.

I welded in a Wild Rides S-box to fix the torn control arm mounts the previous owner destroyed. The car currently has borrowed rear shocks and springs. I will put stock springs and shocks back in the car before the sale. (I needed something to move the car with at the time)

Car is tuned with a TwEECer R/T Also have Zeitronix ZT-2 Wideband installed

Custom Paint but its not perfect. Paint chipped off front bumper cover from loading on trailer, as well as the rear bumper where a ramp came off and hit the rear bumper. Sat outside for a year so there is some oxidation. I will do the best detail job on the car I possibly can before the sale.

I had to replace the wiring harness in the car. When I did this the stock oil pressure, water temp gauges didn't work. I installed Autometer water temp and oil psi gauges in radio bezel and Boost and fuel pressure gauges in the a/c vent. Other stock gauges work.

Car needs Door locks, paint fixed in a few places and some general Mustang TLC.

Any other questions just ask. I am sure I am leaving some parts out. I will update as I remember. Please don't ask why im selling. In this economy, I think everyone knows. Asking price $8000,, Car is located just outside Myrtle Beach SC. [email protected]

Paint was carried into the jams.

Also around the deck lid where most people who two tone a car skimp out on.

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