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These are flowmaster pieces. 90 degree bends. came with my exhaust kit. I didn't use them. These are 2.5" in diameter.
3" sells for $38 at Summit.. so figure a 2.5" sells for $30. I'd like to get $20 a piece, $30 for both + shipping.

Also, I have a 2.5" H-Pipe kit. This is for you RWD V6/V8 guys. Also Flowmaser, mandrel bent pieces. Includes 2 S bends, 2 H connectors, and a straight and V style H section. This is enough pipe to go from your headers to your mufflers in most cases.
This isn't available as a kit from Flowmaster with the S pipes.. only with a cheesy T pipe setup. These pieces separately would retail for $65. I'd like $40 + shipping for all this.

All parts are new, never installed.

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