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The motor has less than forty 1/4 mile passes on it since freshened last winter. In our 2000 lb car it ran 8.31 @ 160MPH shifting at 5800 - 6000 and through the traps at 6400.

A list of components follows:
Edelbrock Victor 460 (4150 base)
ARP head stud kit
ARP rocker studs
Crane roller lifters
FRPP cast aluminum valve covers
Harland Sharp roller rockers
Jomar stud girdle and nuts
K-Motion locks, titanium retainers, and springs
Manley SS valves
Manley CM pushrods
TFS aluminum CJ heads
ARP main bearing stud kit
Clevite 77 main and rod bearings
CP marine style timing cover
Crane roller cam, .736I .724E lift 290/298 duration
Rollmaster billet true roller timing set machined for roller thrust bearing.
Fluidamper harmonic balancer
Ford 2Y offset ground crank, 4.18" stroke.
Ford D1VE .030 over block, prepped by quality shop.
FRPP CM Oil pump drive shaft
FRPP roller cam thrust bearing
Melling HV oil pump
Moroso 20625 Eliminator pan for 79-95 Mustang
Moroso oil pump pickup
Oliver F6800 billet rods
Speed Pro file fit rings
SRP forged pistons - approx 13:1

Engine is sold less carb, distributor and water pump.
Located in Brockville Ontario Canada
$7100 USD.


What Kind of timing cover

What kind of timimg chain cover is that? It doesn't look stock in the picture or am I looking at it wrong? It looks as the motor plate is cut out around the cover. I am just be curious. Good looking engine.

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Thanks for the compliment.

It's an early CP marine cover. It also has provision for a cam driven accessory as well. We went that route because we thought it was a lot stronger than a stock type cover. We also made up some large hollow stainless dowels that fit between the block and cover so any load is carried by them and not the studs. The covers are a bit expensive, about $360. to $375. depending on the brand you buy.

Our new 588 will have a Danny Bee drive, so we won't be using a cover.

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Brock, check your email.

I would like to know more about your alternator bracket/mount setup. I would like to put an alternator on my dragster.

David Cole
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