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Selling for a friend, Car is Western KY. Needs to move it fast.

1991 Black Hatch - 4x,xxx miles on the odo! The body is straight and the title clean. Black on gray. I give the paint a 6 out of 10 (Some of the black paint is chipping off and you can see the factory red), and the interior an 8.5 out of 10. Now, onto the good stuff:

602 WHP // 580 WTQ (SAE corrected)
Runs low 6’s @ 11Xmph in the 1/8 and high 9’s at 13Xmph in the 1/4. 60 foots average 1.4X seconds.

1969 351 Windsor 393 stroker (have documentation on engine build)
Vortech YSI trim supercharger (currently 8psi, lowest boost pulley)
Cobra ECU with SCT Eliminator 4-bank chip (currently has 3 tunes depending on what gas mixture you are running)
Aeromotive 60# injectors
Aeromotive 400lph outboard fuel pump
Paxton fuel rail, FPR and gauge
All stainless steel braided fuel lines
AFR heads with mild porting
Felpro Race gaskets with copper combustion ring (also copper sprayed), also ALL new Felpro gaskets on the top end on July of this year.
Accufab 75mm TB
80mm MAF
Edlebrock Victor EFI intake manifold/plenum
Comp custom grind cam (have original specs and documentation from Comp)
Comp valvetrane
Probe SRS forged and dished pistons
Forged h-beam rods
PA 150 alternator
Optima Redtop battery
BBK Longtube headers - 3" x-pipe - 3" Dynomax bullets to turndowns
Afco polished racing radiator
Electric fan with external thermostat control module
Comptech electrical waterpump drive
Moroso catch can
MSD ignition (Everything from distributer to control module, also has security card for antitheft)
Trickflow 10.5mm plug wires
All AC components deleted
All power steering components deleted
All gauges you need, including boost, are podded
There are only two belts on this car: One to drive the blower and one to drive the alternator. =)

Weld Draglite wheels with MT DRs
8 point Comp rollcage
UPR 4 point traction / anti-roll bar
Tubular K member and A-arms
UPR Upper and lower control arms
Welded battle boxes
Subframe connectors
Lakewood rear shocks
Rear Eibach drag launch springs
Lakewood front shocks
Front 90 10 adj. coilovers
Flaming River manual steering rack
Solid bobble-strut front motor mount
Anthony Jones Engineering bump-steer kit
Perfect alignment

Transmission and Drivetrane
C4 tranny with automatic valve body
TCI 3500 stall
Billet Pro "R" servo
Heavy duty input seal
Heavy duty transmission pump gasket
Lightened flywheel
Eaton 8.8 chunk
3.73 gear
Hurst Quarter Stick shifter
Moser 31 spline axles

With a pulley swap and a new tune on this car and you are making 700+ rwhp with no problem, the fuel and suspension are ready for it.
It goes 6.3X at 109-112mph in the 1/8 and 9.98 at 138mph in the 1/4 and I shortshift at 6,000 rpms. It pulls hardest from 6k to 7k and will go 6.0’s as it sits if you turn it higher.

This car was built slowly, steadily and patiently. I drive it around town and to work about twice a week, no problem. As long as the outside temperature is 80 or below, you can drive it all day long. If it is hot outside, it runs at about 210 degrees.

PLEASE let me know if you have any questions, you can contact me at 270-210-9837 or email [email protected]


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Trade maybe?

I have a few vehicals listed on racingjunk.com..ad #s 1368575, 1325605,1318958, and 1372391... I'll trade for the 91 HB + I'll haul the cars. Please let me know either way... Thanks!
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