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All prices are + shipping. Sorry this is all over the place. I'll make this THE thread for things I have for sale, instead of 20 posts. Here goes. I'll add things as I go. New things have been added as of 9/11.

Summit X Pipe. 3". I bought it for my truck, but it didn't work out with my Lincoln C6 Tranny. It has been welded. Has never had exhaust through it.. just cut and reuse. $50

This exhaust came from my Ford, but I suspect it'd probably fit just about any fullsize pickup truck. It's "really" for a 73-96 2wd Fseries short bed/short cab, but, could work with a lot of others.

Pipes have 4K miles. Exits behind rear wheels. No mufflers, sorry.


Ford Truck Fan Shroud. Fits 73-79 F100/F350. I used this with a 460 and a 302 super cooling radiator. Was cracked and repaired with fiberglass epoxy. $20

These headers came from my 79 F100. Rusty, but still plenty of life. One tube is dented since my driveline angle was all wrong (cobbled tranny mount with the Lincoln long tailshaft C6). Should fit all 73-79 F100/F150 with a 429/460.


Bumper off my 79. Should fit 73-96. Chrome is decent, bumper has a slight tweak to it and a few dents as shown. New these are $330 with brackets.

$30 come and get it.

Heavy Duty Progressive rate coil springs, for a 73-79 Ford F series 2wd. I pulled them from my F100 when I lowered it (DJM said to use only regular springs with the drop). These springs are 6 years old. New they are $100 +/- I'll take $80 shipped.

Cragar 17x8s and 17x9s. Ford pattern (obviously) Fronts are 3.5"backspacing, rears are 4.5. The fronts WILL rub unless your fenders are aligned PERFECTLY. Tires are Nitto 450s. 255 50 17s and 275 50 17s. Less than 500 miles on them all. No heavy smokey burnouts. Right front has a scuff from a brake lockup, but tire rolls fine. Chrome isn't perfect, as the car has been sitting.

I've got about $1700 in wheels and tires if you include shipping, mounting, balancing, lugs, etc, etc.

I'll do $1000.. These are the wheels on my Cougar currently.

These are American Racing rims (15x7 I believe) with 30 x 9.5 x 15" tires. Rims and tires have about 10K miles on them. Tires are about 8 years old, so they have some cracks. They are 5 x 5.5" which means 2wd Fords pre 98 or so, and Dodge up to now I believe.

Looking to get $250 for everything.

I've had it, I'm pulling the rear discs from my Cougar and going back to drum. Not sure why they don't work, I hate working with brakes, and I don't have the ambition to find out.
One caliper is oem, the other is Autozone rebuilt. New Pads with 10 miles on them (Thermoquiets), rotors are good. Includes ebrake cables, brackets, rotors, calipers, hoses and pads. 5 x 4.5" bolt pattern but the rotors could be redrilled. These use the standard "Torino bearing" 9" Bolt pattern.

This kit is $400 new from Ford not including the $80 cables or pads. $300 for everything shown.

Two Tranmission coolers. You know, the standard size (18"x10") Hose Barb ends. Used. $10 each.

Police/Fire/car show light. Magnetic mount, with mirror attachment. Works. Dusty.


These are file cabinets for prescriptions or file cards, but these would make awesome hardware cabinets for bolts/etc. Each layer is detachable but they all clip together. Fully metal. One or two drawers are missing a handle. I'd like to get $40 for all of these, or $10 a section. I can meet someone within reason.

These seats should fit a Fox body chassis with no mods, but you'd need switches.. These seats worked when I used them in my Torino a few years ago. I had covers over them, hence the duct tape. I don't have switches, but I do have the entire harness.

$30 for both power seats (8 way I think) with the harness.

I have a 1969 Ford Mustang that I need to sell. The car is 90% complete, but does need to be gone through. It's a coupe, 302/C4 Auto, with 2.73:1 gears. Standard black interior. The car is fixable (I know I've restored worse). Unsure of engine condition, interior is complete, seats/door panels good, dash pad lousy.. I give the body a C. Car is solid except for door corners and the worst part is the roof seam at the rear over the quarter on the passenger side. I don't have a title, as I bought this 5 years ago when a buddy was redoing a fastback. We never touched this, and the car sat... but for $75 a title can be had from numerous places online. This would make a good base for a resto, strip car, or the motherlode of all parts cars.

$1000 o/b/o. I can deliver within reason.

Other stuff:

Ford 9" Rear end. 65" width. Perches are rolled, but doesn't matter, as they would need to be rewelded and moved in 99% of applications. $100.

Ford 9" 3.5:1 3rd member. 31 spline open diff, recently rebuilt, gears feel good. $200

Ford 460 bottom end/block. 30k miles.. Seen in other posts of mine here.. 60 over already. Some surface rust in bores from sitting in the garage. $100

Turbo 400. BOPC case. good as a core. $100

Ford C4s, all small blocks, I have a few, good for core/rebuilds. $75

Ford AOD, I have one, added a shift kit I could never get it to work right. $75

TCI RV Converter. #443610. It has the 1.850 pilot on the front. This converter has probably 3000 miles on it. My plans for the car changed, so I don't need an RV torque converter anymore.

This is $271 from Jegs.

From Jegs.

"This gas-efficient High Torque Towing Converter is designed to reduce the slippage found in all non lock-up torque converters. This series of torque converters enables transmissions to run cooler and reduces engine RPM at highway speeds. In addition to the resulting fuel mileage increases, the High Torque Towing Converter also lowers transmission temperature by as much as 20 °F. This is an excellent choice for motor homes, tow vehicles and other heavy load applications."

I will say I did achieve decent gas mileage in my Torino (13+) with this converter.

Forgot I still had this in the garage.

Anyone interested. $75

Kenwood 3006... This is a shaft radio, that controls a 6 disc cd changer. It works well. The amp outputs are noisy, the speaker outs are not. If you have an older car, and don't want to hack the dash, this is what you want. I used this in both my Oldsmobile and my Torino, without an amp. Doesn't do MP3. They don't produce this unit anymore.

$175 with the CD changer.

Pontiac Sunbird rear wing. Black, recently repainted. $25 Good for many other sport compacts. It's a shorter wing.

Dodge Dakota overhead console. Change Holder, etc etc. Has a digi display that any OBDII Mopar should have a wire for. Never got it working in a non OBDII car (was hoping the compass was separate). $15.

Innovative LM-1 + 5 sensor input. The LM-1 needs repair. It lights up ok, but smokes when on. The sensor kit is new never used. I have all wiring, etc. The LM-1 needs to be sent to innovative for repair. $180 for everything.

Sunpro Column mounted tach. Works great. In my truck now. I have other plans now. New $30, I'll take $20

Grant 3 spoke steering wheel. porno sparkly red. Has a Ford adapter. I paid $80 for the wheel, I'll take $50.

Full "Cherry" Interior setup.

This is the floor matts, steering wheel cover, license plate frame, seat covers, and trash bag, in "Cherry" print. All used. New this stuff is $50 total. Buy it all now for $20 for the wifes/gfs/sisters/mothers/aunts car!


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Boy you posted this stuff just after I ordered a new Torque converter from Summit. I got the next stall bigger truck converter. It hasnt shipped yet so now Im wondering if I should/can cancel the order. :roll:

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progressive rate springs

I am inned of the amount of lowering as well as how did these springs act as far as laying the tires in?are these very stiff?
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