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I've got some things that need to be taken care of on my 05' Super Duty. Obviously the 79' isn't going anywhere for a while, so I may as well use one to help the other.

***I am willing to trade parts for my 2005 F250 6.0 for the items I have for sale below. Basically; performance parts, tires, wheels, EGR delete kit, ARP studs, SCT programmer, exhaust stuff like that. Just let me know what you have.*** I still really would rather have the cash though and keep my Bronco able to be rolled around, but oh well - priorities :)

The front end for sale is a leaf-sprung 1979 Dana 60 (Ford-side drop); 4.10 gears (open) but has been completely rebuilt and is ready to roll; new gears/hubs/bearings/seals/u-joints/rotors/calipers/pads/etc. The axle is currently in the truck but has only been rolled around the shop a few times; no use or abuse on it whatsoever. Before final assembly I sandblasted the whole thing and painted it (with our shop equipment paint gun, NOT spray can BS...) with thinned out Rustoleum - it looks pretty damned good IMHO. I will also include a brand new from Ford tierod as well, so all you would need to do is hook up your drag-link and drive off. I have the leaf springs that can go with it as well and the raised steering arm(that bolts to the knuckle) that keeps the draglink level and above the leaf spring as well.

The rear end is a leaf-sprung GMC 10.5" 14bolt; 4.10 gears with a brand new Detroit locker installed. This was also fully rebuilt with new gears, locker, bearings, seals, rotors, calipers, pads, etc. about 3 months before I quit driving the truck. This rearend is currently still in my bronco, and when I was driving it it was in perfect working condition and now has maybe 7500k miles on it. The truck has just been sitting since it has no motor :(

Finally, I also have a set of Ground Hawgs (39.5x15.50x16.50) that have a good 65% tread left which also need to go. They hold air and have NO missing lugs and aren't dryrotted at all. They are currently mounted on a set of steel wheels that are 14" wide, 8 x 6.5 which have been sandblasted and have a nice black powdercoat finish that I just paid $250 to have done...

We own a shop and have built several competition-winning vehicles, so rest assured all work was done professionally. I had every intention of putting 850hp on this running gear, but my Powerstroke needs some work and I don't have the time or money to work on the bronco right now.

Asking prices are as follows and would include the parts as-is like described above;

Tires only - $375
Wheels only - $250
Tires & Wheels - $475
Dana 60 only - $1350
14bolt only - $800
Dana 60 & 14bolt combo - $2000
Tires/wheels/front&rear end combo - $3050

I will get pictures when I can get back to the shop on Thursday, I ran into some trouble with my Super Duty this weekend and didn't have time to do jack except work on it. Please feel free to make offers, but I feel my asking prices are more-or-less :)reasonable where they are, but we can work something out im sure. Also, if you want some but not all of the parts we can do a package deal possibly. Obviously, shipping is not included or even something I want to deal with, but if you want something shipped you will be paying extra for it and I'll help as much as I can :D

Also, for the person who's waiting on something from me I'm sorry; having my Superduty come apart and almost kill me this weekend kind of had me tied up with trying to get it fixed, as its my primary mode of transportation. Other's who've bought from me know that's not how I operate, this was just bad timing; your stuff is coming :)

Sorry for the long post, any questions you can call or text; 863 67o 5II9, email mmccraney _at earthlink _dot net, or of course reply/PM here but ph cell is ALWAYS on so thats the best way to reach me if needed. All parts are located in Plant City, FL. 33569


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