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I have the original pistons (5 of them) that came out of my Ford Racing 514 crate motor.
Part # M-6108-B514

These are a .030 overbore (4.39") forged, TRW based design. A set of eight originally sold for around 550. (the other three were damaged when it let loose at the 1000' mark on a bad N2O tune)

They have around 30, 1/4 mile passes on them.

I'll take $70 for the five I have left,......which is basicly 10 bucks each (+ shipping & any fees) Actually, I'll send six, but one is damaged ever so slightly and the other two,.....well one has a hole in it the size of a quarter and the other has chunks taken out of it.

These five are perfect and I'll also include the press in wrist pins

Shipping included anywhere in cont US and Pay-Pal is prefered.

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