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I have a 1.5" "Mach One" fiberglass hood I would like to sell or trade. I am looking for something different, nothing particular in mind but something with a 4"+ cowl. Cobra R style, regular cowl, extended cowl, SVO cowl, etc.... bolt on or pin on, I don't really care either way. Prefer bolt on but I will accept a pin on if I like the style.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404 price is $250

mine is in "good" shape, only a year or so old but is drilled for hood pins in the front, has a little rough spot on the back edge but easily fixed being fiberglass and all. it is a BOLT-ON, framed hood.

here's a picture of it on the old busted Capri... Almost don't want to post it because it looks like crap but it cleaned up nice, mainly just greasy hand prints on the front and some rust run off from the old hood pin plates. Looks MUCH better now.
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