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I have the heads off my 514 Ford Racing Crate engine for sale.
Part # M-6049-SCJB

They have less than (30) 1/4 mile passes on them. I drove my truck on the street about six different occassions and only a few miles each time.

I never spun the motor past 6400-6500rpm, so I'm very confident the springs are in near perfect shape.

I lost a couple of pistons about 1000' into a 1/4 mile pass (on a bad N2O tune).

The heads survived pretty good, but on one of them, there's a deposit/layer of piston material left if the combustion chamber (I peeled most of it off with my hand), and the other head has some knicks taken out of one the chambers where a peice broke off the piston and rattled around before I shut the engine down.

All of this is very minute and nothing that a simple milling job & combustion chamber clean-up wouldn't remedy.

These heads sell new for anywhere between 1900-2000, depending on where you buy them.

I'm willing to let these go for $1100

All in all,.........I think this is a fair deal. The only reason I'm selling is to go another direction (possibly a set of TFS A-460's this time around)


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