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Fuel line size?

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Does size matter? i know if u want a lot ;)(hp) you need bigger tube, but if you make a target that line needs to handle about 500hp, what size it should be? Im going to make new lines anyway, and thinking what size it should be.

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I would go with 1/2 inch. 500hp doesn't need that much but it gives you room to up-grade your combo at a later date without worrying about fuel lines again.
just run -10 all the way. it wont hurt anything.
On a mechanical pump I never like to have any restriction on the inlet side of the pump. Much better to have it a little big than to small ! It will push the fuel a lot better than it will draw it.
Gary :)
You can have too big of a fuel line. In a drag race car with a rear mounted cell you can get into a situation where the weight of the fuel can cause the fuel to stall in the line at the launch. Just depends on how good of a pump you have and your hp requirements.
500hp=mechanical pump use 1/2" with an electric pump 3/8" should work but getting close to where 1/2" would be wanted. Basing this on past experiences.
I hate to ressurect an old post like this but... If you are using factory pickups in the tank (or tanks as in the case of my project truck) , arent the outlets on these small like 5/16"? Is there someone who makes larger diameter pickup tubes to remedy this issue?
I make my own tubes
my car was a six cylinder car. i replaced the factory line with 3/8 steel. i only have one union (around the drivers side rocker) from tank to pump. i soldered a new pick up tube in the old sending unit. it was like trying to suck through a bar straw. bobn
AN-10 supply and an-8 return with an aeromotive A1000 pump on my ranger. Supplies the big bad 2.9L just fine. HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

My 460 ran OK with mech pump and original 5/16" line. the new 521 (about 500 HP) would lean out after about 5 seconds of WOTwith the mech pump and 5/16 lines. I replaced the tank with a fuel cell (-8 connections) used a black holley pump and -8 lines and all the problems went away.
I make my own tubes
X2....... 1/2" aluminum tube and either TIG weld or JB weld it. A Holley Black pump and -8 lines have supplied my twin 750 pumpers quite well for a number of years now.
AN-10 supply and an-8 return with an aeromotive A1000 pump on my ranger. Supplies the big bad 2.9L just fine. HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!
The return needs to be one size larger, not smaller.
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