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I am looking to change my fuel system around and have a couple of questions about what I am envisaging doing.

First off I have decided to go to a twin pump system one for the carb and a separate one for the N20.

As I already have them I will be using a holley black pump and a holley blue pump on separate feeds from the tank. All the lines are in -8 upto the regulators. From the regulators will be -6 to the carb and N20 noid. I was then going join the returns from the regulators and send them down a -8 line back to the tank.

The blue pump will only be used when the N20 is active. I realise I will have to remove the integral bypass from the blue pump.

My questions are: Will a -8 return line be large enough for both pumps?
Is it possible to modify standard deadhead holley regulators to bypass style regulators? I found mention of it in the archive but couldnt find the actual thread. I would like to know how successful it was? And if it was successful how it was done.

I know it would be nice to go out and buy a full aeromotive or equivilent system but as usual I am working to a budget.

Any other ideas or tips are welcome to cheers.
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