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I have 2 mallory regulators one is the 4307 model with bypass and boost compensation port and I also have a 4207 dead head regulator used twice. Both look great and work great but do not support my fuel flow requirements. They would be good for the Mallory 140 gph fuel pumps. I also have a used edlebrock EDL-1792 fuel pump its rated at 160 gph free flow a stupid amount less than what I really needed so I made the wrong decisions on my fuel system and I am buying every thing over again. I got the bypass regulator off Jones but the rest was bought new this year.

4307 bypass regulator 70.00 plus shipping
4207 dead head regulator 40.00 plus shipping
fuel pump EDL-1792 90.00 plus shipping

That will pay for the regulator I really need.

Will take money orders only.
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